16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

To avoid detection by Libyan secret police, who monitor Facebook and Twitter, Mahmoudi, the leader of the Ekhtalef “Difference” Movement, used what’s considered the Match. The Libyan businessman turned opposition leader said he was never politically active before, but as he watched revolutions topple governments in neighboring countries, he knew he needed to act. So he created a Mawada profile called “Where Is Miriam? The conservative site doesn’t allow men to communicate with other men, so other revolutionaries posed as women to contact him, assuming aliases like “Sweet Butterfly,” “Opener of the Mountain,” “Girl of the Desert” and “Melody of Torture. To complete their profiles, they answered the site’s boilerplate questions, such as “How much of your face do you cover? On the site, the revolutionaries used poetry laced with revolutionary references to gauge support and make initial contact. Then they had detailed follow-up conversations via text message and Yahoo Messenger. The phrase “May your day be full of Jasmine,” for example, is a coded reference to what’s been called the Jasmine Revolution sweeping the region, Mahmoudi told ABC News.

Stephen Jackson, other activists score with straight talk at Minneapolis City Hall rotunda

Not anymore. They were created with our own needs in mind, so get ready to meet Mr. Right or Right Now. Bumble began in after Whitney Wolfe Herd left her work at Tinder a now-adversary! Today, Bumble serves 35 million users—with women making the first move. The app has done so well that the company has introduced Bumble BFF and Bumble Biz for growing friendships and professional networks.

28 hours of community service,; $40 cash stipend, and; FREE breakfast and lunch each day! The training is being held at the First Baptist Church of Saratoga​.

Malala is fighting to give back to girls what poverty, war and discrimination tried to take away. Donate today to help us give all girls the opportunity to learn and lead. Learn how Malala began her fight for girls — from an education activist in Pakistan to the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate — and how she continues her campaign through Malala Fund. More than 22 million children in Pakistan are out of school — the majority of them are girls. Over 1. I think there are hundreds and thousands of Malalas out there.

1 in 3 Young People will be in an Abusive or Unhealthy Relationship.

Your browser does not support playing this file but you can still download the MP3 file to play locally. Activists and campaigners have begun to surreptitiously use dating apps to target young voters. Is this a harmless way to inform or an unethical use of deception for political ends? Producer: Fiona Symon.

accompanied by a rise in shareholder activism and unsolicited offers. of the annual meeting date if they have not yet announced the date of an This publication is provided by Sullivan & Cromwell LLP as a service to.

Skip to content. The fate of over , people who were brought to the United States as children—known as Dreamers—is on uncertain ground as the U. The Constitution and federal immigration laws afford the executive branch significant authority to set immigration enforcement priorities. This case brings to the forefront where the limits of this authority are located. But DACA brings forward more than just the legal limits of the executive branch.

DACA represents the unity and activism of the youth-led movement that led to one of the biggest wins for immigrant rights in recent history. Immigration activists outside of the Supreme Court of the United States. American Dream Act, H. However, despite its lack of progress in Congress, one thing that the DREAM Act did achieve was to provide a name to the population of immigrants who were brought to the United States as children and grew up with American hearts: Dreamers.

Our Bodies. Our Lives. Our Movement.

SAEDA is a 4-day leadership program that gives high school students the knowledge and tools to create social change in our community to end dating abuse. In addition to learning more about how to be an effective agent of social change, there are some awesome perks:. How much?

32% of U.S. social media users say they have used these sites in the past month to encourage others to take action on issues.

Sunrise Movement demands a new chapter in this country and encourages other groups in the climate and environmental movement to join us in speaking out. As climate activists, we imagine a world that looks nothing like our own, one where we stop climate change by transforming our whole economy. This fight against climate change exists alongside the fight against white supremacy and colonialism.

We see it in every pipeline that tears through Indigenous lands. We see it in every factory pumping pollutants into Black neighborhoods. We see it in every cage at our borders imprisoning immigrants who tried to escape famine and drought. Study after study shows that person to person conversations are THE 1 way to build support for a candidate. Help us elect champions who are ready to fight for visionary change like a Green New Deal and defunding the police by phone banking.

With your help we can elect the next slate of Green New Deal champions! And we will ensure that the architects of this death economy will be too. When they do nothing to stop federal agents from snatching us off the streets, when they force us to go back to school in unsafe conditions, when they do nothing to stop our democracy from crumbling, we will shout and sing at their doors from dusk until dawn and make them hear us.

Activist Support

Another bold step in the right direction was embodied by an initiative launched in and known as the UNiTE to End Violence against Women. It aims to raise public awareness around the issue as well as increase both policymaking and resources dedicated to ending violence against women and girls worldwide. Yet, there is still a long way to go at the global scale.

Gloria Marie Steinem is an American feminist, journalist, and social political activist who In , Steinem led a group of activists in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to organize the Independent Service for Information on the Vienna festival.

Guide to Anti-Racist Books. Additional Activists and Supporters Anne Braden. Davis Call Number:. Originally published Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, Stuart, Diary of a Sit-in, 2nd ed. Meyer Call Number:.

Dating Website Pushing Us to Get Married?

Later that night, Scott learned her and the woman — Grace Geisler — had more than hair color preferences in common. Both social workers, they bonded over their interest in social justice. A few weeks later, they met for drinks, and, this past Monday, the couple celebrated their month anniversary. The happy couple.

But OkCupid’s letter — regardless of whether it was genuine or a PR stunt — doesn’t make the site a gay rights activist. Dating sites may go to.

The revolution may not be tweeted, but modern activism is nonetheless often reliant on online organizing. This playlist will teach you how to understand the risks activists face and how to protect against them. Trying to protect all your data from everyone all the time is impractical and exhausting. But, have no fear! It begins with understanding the unique threats you face and how you can counter those threats.

In computer security, a threat is a potential event that could undermine your efforts to defend your data. You can counter the threats you face by determining what you need to protect and from whom you need to protect it. This guide will teach you how to make a security plan for your digital information and how to determine what solutions are best for you.

What does a security plan look like? Here are a few questions you might ask:. How much trouble am I willing to go through to prevent these consequences?

Guide to Anti-Racist Books

These charges are clearly designed to intimidate people who are taking to the streets in ever-larger numbers. Freedom of expression and freedom of peaceful assembly are human rights, even if the government disagrees with the criticisms being levelled at them. All have been released on bail with conditions not to carry out the same alleged acts.

The three were later released on bail. Another four protestors have an arrest warrant against them from the same incident but have yet been taken into custody, while 16 other individuals are facing the same allegations without an arrest warrant and are due to report themselves to the police. Separately, lawyer Arnon Nampa was arrested again by police from Chanasongkram police station last night for a Harry Potter-themed rally held on 3 August

Leave the SITE NOW Dating abuse is common and the effects are extremely damaging – ranging from depression to alcohol and drug SAEDA (Student Activists Ending Dating Abuse) is an innovative youth-led education and prevention.

It took activists and reformers nearly years to win that right, and the campaign was not easy: Disagreements over strategy threatened to cripple the movement more than once. But on August 18, , the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was finally ratified, enfranchising all American women and declaring for the first time that they, like men, deserve all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

During the s and 30s, most states had extended the franchise to all white men, regardless of how much money or property they had. At the same time, all sorts of reform groups were proliferating across the United States— temperance leagues , religious movements, moral-reform societies, anti- slavery organizations—and in many of these, women played a prominent role.

Put together, all of these contributed to a new way of thinking about what it meant to be a woman and a citizen of the United States. Most of the delegates to the Seneca Falls Convention agreed: American women were autonomous individuals who deserved their own political identities. Almost immediately after the war ended, the 14th Amendment and the 15th Amendment to the Constitution raised familiar questions of suffrage and citizenship.

They began to fight for a universal-suffrage amendment to the U.

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